Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Traditional Window Cleaning

I use both both the traditional window cleaning method as well as the more modern “Pure Water” technique.

Traditional window cleaning today is the use of water and detergent, an applicator to wash the window, a squeegee to remove the water, detergent and dirt off the glass. Finally, I use a very absorbent glass cloth to clean off any remaining solution that has missed by the squeegee, right in the edges where the window meets the frame. The end result is a window that is dry and gleaming. Your frames and sills will also be ‘wiped down’ when moping any excess cleaning solution away.

Though a “Shammy (chamois) Leather” is traditional, is actually now considered more “Old Fashioned” than a “Traditional Window Cleaning” tool. The tools and detergents we use now do a much better job of window cleaning than the old Shammy (Chamois) Leathers do.


When To Use The Traditional Window Cleaning Method??

Generally, I prefer to use the traditional window cleaning method when cleaning windows for the first time – and even more so if the windows haven’t been cleaned in a while. I also like to use traditional window cleaning methods on windows that need special treatment. Maybe they have been cleaned previously with a wax based, cleaning product, and I need to remove the wax film first. The traditional method is great on windows that have a lot of hand prints over them, this may be a house window, or a business. In general, any window that need special attention, I prefer to use the traditional window cleaning method as I can give it more detailed attention. I have a number of tools, and cleaning solution applicators which are used, depending on what problems I come across. So, can deal with deal with a variety issues and problems by changing a tool or technique etc.

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